Trauma, Whiplash & Surgery Aftercare

Getting you better after trauma, whiplash or surgery

Whiplash can certainly be a shock to the system. The weight of the head is supported by the neck and those nerves that carry sensory and motor (movement) information from the brain to the body is protected by the neck. The neck is also highly flexible which allows the head to turn from left to right, upwards and downwards.

Whiplash is caused by a sudden backward-forward movement of the neck. The sudden force causes the muscles and tendons to stretch and tear. It is a relatively common injury usually caused by car accidents – more often the rear impact type, while in a stationary position. This also afflicts many athletes, most especially those who play contact sports like football.

Our gentle osteopathic treatments and exercises help to treat the causes of whiplash and can help you to regain full, pain-free movement and allow you to continue with everyday life. We can also give you advice on how you should sleep and sit to aid recovery away from our clinic.

These method are also perfect for hospital patients, particularly those whose movement has been affected by surgery in order to regain their pre-surgery mobility and lifestyle. Often patients are uncomfortable after surgery, due to the surgery itself, the hospital bed and from being immobilised for a period of time.

The gentle osteopathic services mentioned above can all be done as soon as each individual is well and comfortable enough following your surgery and return to home.

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