Birth Strain In Babies

Helping treat unsettled babies after birth

Birth is one of the most important events in one’s life but it can also be the time when some imbalance or dysfunction that an individual must deal with throughout life, are established.

During labour the infant’s head is subjected to large compressive forces which cause the head to undergo a process of moulding, in which the soft bones of the skull overlap, bend and wrap. This, reduces the size of the head and facilitate its passage through the birth canal. The normal birth process it is a very stimulating time for the baby. It can be seen as a form of “awakening” of the baby, a process that prepares him/her to come into this life.

​After birth, the skull begins to re-expand and unmould to return to its normal shape, assisted by the crying, suckling and yawning. However sometimes labour may be difficult and stressful for both mother and baby. As a result of this, babies are unable to fully resolve the effects of birth. Strain can remain into the child’s body that will eventually display various symptoms.

Babies born by cesarian section can also show signs of discomfort. They can display a degree of “shock” from having experienced a very rapid transition from the protected uterine world to the external world. Also, part of the moulding process and compression of the infant head, begins in late pregnancy and so even the babies born by planned cesarean section may have areas of compression in their head.

Osteopathy is well known to help babies and children recover from the effects of pregnancy and birth, and can help to reduce crying and colic, improve sleep and general contentment for the baby. Osteopathic treatment aims at improving the child’s overall health and development.

The treatment will begin by taking a detailed case history covering all aspects of health and development, from pregnancy to the present day. This is followed by a comprehensive physical examination, assessing overall wellness and health, milestone attainment, joints, neuromuscular status and primitive reflexes. Treatment is very gentle and relaxing. It involves very subtle movements, working with the baby’s natural physical tendency to seek balance, equilibrium and health. The treatment is aimed at releasing tensions wherever they are present in the body.

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