Neck Pain & Headaches

Struggling with neck pain and headaches?

Neck pain is commonly associated with tension and sedentary lifestyles or seated work environments, which can cause bad posture (e.g. working with computers for prolonged periods). It is fairly common for people to suffer with headaches in association with their neck pain. Sometimes this is due to compression of a nerve which supplies the back of the eye socket (orbit) and these people complain of a “forehead” headache.

Osteopathic treatment can address all these problems, because we take a whole body approach to treatment and address all the issues contributing to the symptomatic area – not just the bit that hurts. By treating the sore muscles and stiff joints we can make you feel significantly better pretty quickly. We can then work on your posture and exercises to help you maintain those benefits and stop the problems from coming back.

You can't be your best self when you have a head ache, so let us help...

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