Natural Health Medicine

Natural Health Medicine

Returning your body to full health

Natural Health Medicine is based on helping the inherent ability of the body to naturally maintain or return to health, what we called Homeostasis.

A healthy body has a capacity to adapt easily, to maintain or return to an internal stability to compensate to environmental or internal changes. For example, the body temperature is maintained at 37”C when the external temperature is colder or warmer. Or the blood pH is maintained at 7.35 (slightly alkaline) despite acidic food and acidic waste.

Health occurs when our capacity to adapt is good. The body overcome these momentary changes easily, and we need to know, our state of health starts to diminish when some little symptoms start to appear, meaning how capacity to adapt diminishes.

Now there’re two ways to interpret these symptoms. Either we don’t like them, and who does, and we try to ignore them or suppress them. Or we look at the cause of these symptoms. And we address the cause, which is mostly found in the life style of the person, what we feed our body with physically and mentally (Food, Thoughts, Emotions, Stress, Exercise).

So, Natural Health Medicine is educational and helps to address gradually all these causes of inconvenient symptoms, these warnings, before it gets too severe and cause organic problems and diseases.

It’s our responsibility to take care of our health when we can, not the national health system. But it’s important not to feel guilty not having made these healthy choices when we are ill, because it is related to how our society has developed with good and bad habits, where individual health is not the priority, and the good news is, implementing these changes helps to get back in control with our health. Who wouldn’t want that?

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  • I was really suffering with painful locked hips and many people wrote it off as my age but I felt too young to be hobbling about. After just two appointments with Arnaud I was pain-free and regained flexibility and now only need to see him for an annual MOT treatment. It was amazing how quickly he dealt with the problem!

    - DH Norwich

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    - Test Customer

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