Energetic Medicine

Energetic Medicine

Stimulate the natural healing process

Energetic Medicine encompasses the channel meridians and energetic centres which have a strong relation with the neuro-muscular-skeletal system and the organs.

The same way, we can perceive muscle tensions and structural unbalances, the light touch allows to perceive energetic congestion or unbalances.

We use pressure points on these meridians to stimulate, disperse and balance the energetic charge, stimulating the relaxation nervous system, which in return helps relaxing muscles and improving organ function.

Energetic Medicine helps to stimulate the natural healing process.

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  • I was really suffering with painful locked hips and many people wrote it off as my age but I felt too young to be hobbling about. After just two appointments with Arnaud I was pain-free and regained flexibility and now only need to see him for an annual MOT treatment. It was amazing how quickly he dealt with the problem!

    - DH Norwich

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    - Test Customer

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